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Leaking loft

Long time without writing like this.   Let us begin.   It is rare how throughout our lives we encounter situations that try to define us. We grow up thinking about what we will be, without being aware that from the first ...

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el yes no yes

What would I pay and what would be soon, I had told the landlord. The money had been spent, I was worried. He entered the apartment and went to the room stepping on the papers on the floor. Lay on the bed, the screen was already on, I take the...

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The insolence of flies

I had hardly sat down, Mrs. Imagination began to explain to me that the only art that can explain everything in life is music. I agreed and nodded, as if I understood. Imagination is sometimes that witty, o te da ...

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It is impossible that I can put into words the whirlpool of feelings that I have inside, it would be catastrophic to make sense of the chaos; what the devil would awaken and destroy my illusory harmony; maybe this one would make me face situations ...

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And kicked her in the muzzle. That was silly, who was a Mongolian, they were saying. The bitch screeched, it was too noble to bite him, I try to move from the corner of the patio where I was, could not, I was heavier than usual. He didn't think, but he felt strong ....

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Visits I

Visits. And they lay down dressed in the bed of the room that corresponded to her. He wanted to stop time. She, your think. And they were interrupted by the staff before they could make it.  ...

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The backwater of your eyes

I watched the car drive away and I felt a little sadness in you, not everything can, in the night we will be together again. I will visit you with my thoughts and with perfumed love, and I will look into your calm eyes like a ...

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A the edge of the end of the abismoA l isthmus of a thread hanging Wasting sense. Unaware thinking about the fate of my fate the deparó Extinct in the way that culminated Soledad, my life without you is a constant you. Winter is cold ...

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He had spent most of his life surrounded by stories related to explosions that made today was afraid of fires. Child his hand was wounded terrible with a firecracker at Christmas. In her teens her kitchen caught fire ...

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