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EL FANTASMA DEL HAMBRE El fantasma del hambre llegó puntual a la medianoche,   Ni el frío ni la soledad de las calles lo asustaba, claro, ¡era un fantasma!   Pero además, con hambre no hay miedo que valga.   Así que, con la...

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The voice was not, or inmutaba or just a little; do what I did. Being in the most crowded and cheerful feasts, being in the more solemn solitude, under the largest and sinful drunkenness or under the more deep and sensible...

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Gray day

There is not greater joy in this world, that painting next to the love of your life, the fourth destined for your future first child. Tinkering a little here and there and a little there with the paint, give those kisses that can only be given when you hug her...

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I rescue that night with you, coffee, a candle and a glass of Aunt Mary. You seem nervous, I just give you life again and you don't know where you performing this time. Gone many nights, in which, fluttering naked....

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Pursued by a killer light

Light is a girl of 20 living Italy with problems to socialize, It is the eye that are believed to be best at their University, every day light is worse than the previous full of humiliations by Brenda and her friends Valeria,...

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