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The voice was not, or inmutaba or just a little; do what I did. Being in the most crowded and cheerful feasts, being in the more solemn solitude, bajo la más grande y pecaminosa borrachera o bajo la mas profunda y sensata sobriedad; la voz continuaba...
Gray day

Gray day

There is not greater joy in this world, that painting next to the love of your life, the fourth destined for your future first child. Tinkering a little here and there and a little there with the paint, giving kisses those that can only be given to the embrace the back,...
The days that we don

The days that we don't usually count

Woke up. The war had ended, and I hated the taste which led to the peace; so not woke up good wins that say. He recalled the six years that consisted of the brutality and smiled. However, punctuality your job require (el cuál nunca descansa) le...

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