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Como el águila necesitaría Cazar a mi presa rastrera Cumplir con mi instinto Y saciarme de ella. Responder a un llamado Que de mis entrañas nace Y yacen en ese animal Como si fuera, un animal. Debería aclarar entonces Que no escojo cualquier roedor...

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Mature ignorance

Ignorancia madura soy un ignorante desahuciado mi ignorancia es incurable pegajosa hoy de pelo cano y manos serenas mi alma vaga quieta mas, ignorante todavía no conozco aún mejor embrujo para decir te amo que el reencuentro ineludible de nuestros...

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Happy Mother's Day

Hello, I thank you for holding me, when I was learning to walk, for understanding me when it was difficult for me to speak, for having been there, when I repeatedly fell and you were in me, who lifted my mood ...

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Dream tenderness

Nina had lost the illusion that her belly would fruits. Some white hair and marks on his face gave signs of time passing his life. He is watching those kids run, laughing and excited. Down her face sometimes ...

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Do not give up

Do not give up do not give me, even if your arms get tired of embracing other bodies, another skin feeling, do not give up. While your lips feel thirst for mine, and Murmur my name, do not give up. Feel me in every kiss, every breath, in each...

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When silence dominates and the discouragement of desvaine, When the routine would punish and sadness take root, When the escape beauty and love end, I look forward to the relentless return.     * Dear reader of inconsistencies, I invite you to....

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