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Inconsistency is a platform to publicize novice writers, promote work and generate community of writers.

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Platform for writers and readers

Inconsistencies is a meeting point for writers who want to get known or promote their works, and readers who want to discover new talents through the different literary genres

A Platform for Writers

You'll be able to upload your texts with total freedom and promote them to the rest of the community, when your writing gets 10 votes, appears on the cover of Inconsistencies, and you will increase your visibility.

Our web for writers Inconsistencies is the ideal place to measure the impact of your texts, as well as receiving opinions of other users. We build community to help to improve the style of narrative in all its genres.

A Platform for Readers

Discover writers statements or new promises that publish their work on our website. You'll be able to navigate through unknown worlds created by the feathers most diverse of the entire network.

An adventure that expand your horizons and you can contact the writer who makes you dream just to convey your impressions. A close and exciting way to meet interesting people. The author would appreciate your comments, and may be the source of inspiration for your next adventure.

Tips and Guidelines for Writers

We also have a blog about writing and writing tips with which you can initiate or improve your style.

We treat various topics ranging from grammar, the self-publishing or marketing for writers.

Our platform of writers and readers, arises with the objective of creating synergies and disseminating amazing stories.

Get 10 votes so your story appears on cover and promote your work!

You can publish your texts with total freedom and grow as a writer.

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Literary blog

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Become a writer

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