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Joshua, It is a normal guy, passionate about soccer, women, money and faithful believer that what you dream will happen one way or another... the dissolutions have led him to be a man enough cold, with every stroke of love has improved his emotional armor, until now it feels unstoppable, super powerful thinks he can have the woman you want, whenever you want, one which will change the rest of the story. Dayana on the other hand is a humble working girl by nature that has always liked to put forward to the world.

One day things of fate Joshua and Dayana stumbled in a park when Joshua impact Dayana with a soccer ball, the powerful super Joshua was like a gentleman to apologize to what Dayana responded with great annoyance and incessant insults. I think that's what I fell in love Joshua ... after so many apologies Joshua managed to calm a little Dayana and take the opportunity to ask for her number, and he said apologetically as ask her out to which she agreed through gritted teeth.

They gradually became known, coming out, and each time the emotional armor Joshua was falling gradually leaving their true selves emerge, feeling things that long ago had not felt, but with great suspicion and that Joshua is never lower our guard option. Dayana on the other hand also felt in love with him but she was hiding something, and it is that his brother was a mobster one of the most dangerous areas.

One day Joshua, He dreamed his death by a male character who fired at him, Joshua knows that dreams do not mess which caused concern, Dayana and full of remorse for not telling as were his family decided to let him know where it came from Joshua, Joshua scared to see the dream and receive the day's news was the decision to continue or not with Dayana and her brother threatened to kill him.

They spent days in which Joshua knew nothing about Dayana until one day between courage, madness and the immense love he felt for Dayana decided to go home, where he had dreamed of his death, The first it was to see her beautiful as ever and immediately his brother who was waiting for him armed to end the relationship, shot repeatedly hitting Joshua and 3 chances, and was there on sidewalk with his beloved Joshua Dayana and before taking his last breath told Dayana "Between die loving and live without loving you'd rather die than be dead in life"


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