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The writing is defined as an informative activity of first instance, which involves an advanced cultural knowledge of who writes. It is an activity, which the management is performed on the basis of the production of writings, his teachings and practice requests a thorough process of creating thoughts, and not only thoughts but as the express and plasmas in print media, as they can be a literary social network, If we talk conceptualise social network it is a set of individuals connected by common themes. Literary social networks are a community of readers and writers eager to make themselves known.

Tips for Writing Writers Network

If you want to start writing, You should consider some ways to make the best possible as they are:

  1. The spelling of a writer web, It must be perfect there is no margin for error when you post some text in a Writers Network.
  2. To know who you are? And where you go? It helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, this will make the best projections, and better what is wrong. Also be clear about the issues that you take and as plasmarás online, either, in book form, literary projects, among others.
  3. It is important to bring content, depending on what your gender as a writer, so it must go all, images, text style colors and everything that makes your writing even more attractive.
  4. Entries should be simple and attractive, must the reader be caught up in your writing as quickly as possible.
  5. It is not necessary to enter all the social networks of writers who appear on the web, It is more advisable to enter a social network for writers, devote significant time and input.


Your ideas should have an easy language, based on specific words and short sentences, aiming your reader can understand the message you want to take in the first letter.

be concise:

It refers to how accurate you are with your messages, that is able to provide a great idea, thought or feeling in the fewest possible words. It acquired this feature practice.


Refers to take your written with commonly used words, that add your personality to perform text, This does not mean that it is necessary to use vulgarities. Since commonly used words can express lofty thoughts.


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