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The account is defined as an amount of knowledge that are reported in detail, any event. Story comes from the latin "relātus" Word, the story is basically short stories or short any fact stories. The story is considered a shorter narrative form a novel. It is important that draws upon a story, the author of the same has the ability to carry the most important, to have techniques for writing and focus on the fact primordial situations. In a story it seeks a greater impact with fewer words.

Tips for story writer

Pick a topic:

Having a theme is based on the story, Focus on the scene and works on it. Once you have them you can not forget that when you do capture them briefly, but it is completely compressible for the reader.

The narrator:

In a story the narrator is always the same, but it is important to take into account what kind of narrator and will choose he will give greater meaning to your story.


These are the protagonists of your story, so do not delay in giving to know them all.

The change:

For a story, is a story must have introduction, and an end change. Something that surprises the reader.

Tips types of narrator

Storytellers will be divided primarily: First person, Second Person and Third Person of which another branch for each of the above named:

First person:

narrator protagonist: It is as if we were talking ourselves.

Interior monologue narrator:Enter a concern that falls in the speech on a topic.

narrator polyhedral: They speak in the first person, but they have different things, even on the same events. This is when several characters are protagonists and give a point of view different from the same situation, which gives the different faces, with different knowledge about the same fact.

narrator witness:This is expressed as if the protagonist, but it is only a spectator of the event.

Second person:

The letters are written in the second person as they headed to another. There are current writers who have managed the second person for a rapprochement with the reader, taking him into the story by placing phrases that try to speak directly to the reader.

Third person:

Omniscient narrator: It is one narrator who has remained in time, It refers to the narrator who knows everything.

narrator Observer:It would be like a film camera, which records what happens without participating in the action.





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