What is creative writing? - Red Literary Inconsistencies

It is defined as creative writing, whether fiction or not, which breaks the limitations that can be found in other types of writing as such journalistic writing, academic or technical. This category has multiple ramifications as can be: the story, the poetry, the novel, writing for the theater, television or cinema. Also, this writing as well the name says, It is based on creativity rather than the information that is given to the reader. In education it has come to use this type of Literary creation to increase literary skills among students and thus to stimulate writing in each.

Types of Creative Writing

  1. Poetry:

a literary genre that represents beauty and feeling using writing as a means of expression which can be in verse or prose is considered

  1. narrative:

basically it represents the story of a number of events that occurred one or more characters who perform actions, and is characterized by the facts are explained by a narrator.

  1. The story

It is taken as a short story, which can be created by one or variosautores, this story may be real or fictitious. The plot of a story will always be carried out by a small group of characters, and presents a fairly straightforward issue.

  1. Theater:

Effectively it is taken as a literary genre, This includes the works of theaters presented to the public, or those that are recorded and reproduced in a public cinema.

  1. The novel:

They are literary works in prose, where actions are narrated entirely fictitious or mostly are, These aim to cause aesthetic pleasure to those who read through the description of events passionate character, unreal, readers that make the character live and can reach self-reflection by the reader.

  1. Essay:

It is a kind of prose queinterpreta, evaluates or analyzes, a theme.

Creative Writing and its benefits

  1. Thought development, of learning, empathy and listening skills.
  2. Development of language and expression.
  3. Improves concentration and reflection.
  4. It promotes the organization and the development of ideas on a particular topic.
  5. Essential element for the development of imagination and creativity
  6. Element of relaxation and entertainment

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